Tuesday, March 19, 2013

How to Deal with Plagiarism

Illustration by seriousnuts.
You've probably already heard or read somewhere about the saying: "Jealousy is the greatest form of flattery." This is true and many of you will surely agree with that statement. I can somehow relate this saying into Blogosphere, but jealousy is not the issue here. Rather, it's about plagiarism. 

For the nth time, I found out that some of my written works were copied and pasted into another website and claimed to be the blogger's own works. I was of course mad about my discovery. I was even tempted to drop a comment such as:
"Hey, it's my written work you're posting." "Do you know it's plagiarism you're doing?""Are you sure this post is written by you? I will have your site closed soon, just wait."
But instead, I held my composure, and did what is right - filing a DMCA complaint to Google (since it was Google that hosted the blogger's site in question).