Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tribute to a Chinese Legend: The Hat-Wearing Diva Feng Fei Fei

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While the world was mourning for the international singer Whitney Houston's death, the Eastern Part of the world was also mourning for a well-known Taiwanese singer's death. The singer was Feng Fei Fei (鳳飛飛), an award-winning legend also known as the hat-wearing diva. She died of lung cancer at age 58.

She died on January 3, 2012, but news of her death was only announced several days after. Before her death, she insisted to her lawyer to not let him disclose about her death until after Chinese New Year, which was celebrated on January 23. She did not want her fans to be saddened by her death during the New Year celebration as she believed it would bring bad luck.

I wasn't aware of this wonderful legend's name until I started seeing her tributes being shown on most Chinese TV stations. As her songs were being played, I realized that those familiar songs I heard were after all sung by her. She was indeed very famous and well-known among my mother's generation. Her songs were so famous that many mainstream artists performed her songs onstage, including the song in the following video.

My mom was of course saddened by this loss. Feng Fei Fei songs were already deeply ingrained within Chinese music. And to know about Chinese music is to know about her songs. Kudos to Feng Fei Fei for her contributions to the music industry. Her songs will surely remain in the hearts of her fans.

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