Friday, March 30, 2012

My Bucket List: Revisit Japan

One thing I've been yearning for since childhood is to go to Japan. I've finally made it, but would still go back there some time. The country is so rich in culture and tradition. In fact, there is a word specifically made for the study of Japanese culture - Japanology. I've never seen so many shows delving into a country's tradition as much as in Japan (at least among those that I am aware of.) I think it is because of the many peculiarities of the culture that foreigners find so intriguing.

There are still so many things to look forward to on my next visit. I would like to go to Ghibli museum and Sanrio Land. I would like to buy Anime merchandise or simply window shop to see their many cute products. I would like to taste some authentic sashimi and ramen. I wish that someday I would bring my special someone and have a picnic with him under the Cherry blossoms tree. Endless of things to do there. Meanwhile, check the articles below to know more about our travel experiences there, written by my twin sister cheerfulnuts:

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An Important Advice for Travelers: Pee Whenever You Have the Chance

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My Bucket List: Own a Dog

© Olga Vasilkova |
I've heard several stories of animals both good and bad, but the good stories of heroism and love prevail. I always see dogs as four-legged guardian angels. You take good care of them and they will always repay you with kindness tenfold to what you have given to them. They are capable of loving you above themselves, even if it means risking their lives.

When I was a little child, I was fearful of dogs. Even those furry and cuddly type of dogs scared me. I was paranoid that they were going to bite me. Whenever I got to see a dog, the dog always seemed to be very excited. That was kind of scary to me. Of course, I came to realize that they just wanted to play, and not harm me. I don't know how and exactly when, but I came to love dogs and craved to cuddle them.

I started watching Animal Planet shows and would find myself saying "awwwwww" a lot of times when a dog shows up on screen. I really wish I could have a dog as my very own pet. I never had the luxury to own one. Whenever I would go to houses of my friends who have dogs, I would play with their pets. I find great joy accompanying them even though they aren't my pets.

Someday, I would own a dog. Now isn't the right time yet. I would rather be patiently waiting, than grab the moment and not be able to give the best for my dog. To have a pet dog is one of the things in my bucket list.

Below is a video about a dog who was rescued and brought to a new home. It's nice, and I'm glad that the dog found a happy ending. I'm sure that she would be forever grateful to the people behind her rescue. When you are kind to dogs, they always know it. Happy viewing.