Friday, November 08, 2013

Great News

It's been a while since I've posted something in this blog. Today I am very happy. I'm here to announce a major feat I had now as an online writer. It's about a writing online platform - Squidoo - where I also contribute articles aside from Blogger. My status there have just been upgraded to a Giant Squid

If you haven't heard about Squidoo, it's a writing platform where anyone can submit articles of interests for free while earning money. You don't need a Google Adsense account to be able to earn there. Squidoo has its own Google Adsense account to which a portion of its earnings is being distributed to the writers (called Squids) every month. The amount depends on the writers' performance. Since my account was disabled by Google two years ago (for reasons unknown), I signed up for Squidoo for a greener pasture, while tending my blogs at Blogger. For this reason, writing on different platforms has made me a little more busy, not to mention I still have a day job and housework to care for!

Losing my account on Adsense didn't make me lose heart. I write whenever I have time. I write informative articles the most. The earnings are very slow to come, but at least I'm enjoying the process, and despite the little amount, it still made me feel productive while doing what I love. 

After signing up for Squidoo, I didn't participate right away. I just let my profile sit there, with only a couple of articles (called lenses in Squidoo) published under my name. That led on to one year. During that period, I focused my writing on Blogger. After a year, I decided to give more time to Squidoo. I was able to produce twenty five quality lenses (Squidoo has a meter that shows you if the lens your writing has 100% score). My sister, who has been on Squidoo much longer, urged me to apply for a Giant Squid status. Being a Giant Squid has some perks, such as being qualified to join writing contests with prizes. Also, having a Giant Squid seal beside my name is an entitlement, and other writers would revere you for that.

I agreed to apply. Squidoo has an application form for that. The form says that it will take two weeks for Squidoo to review my account before deciding if they would grant me the title. After only a day, I received the good news. Not only that, one of my lenses: My Roller Coaster Experience, was awarded with a Purple Star. The Purple Star is just one of the many ways Squidoo motivates the writers who deserve encouragement.

With the new title tagged along my pen name, I got even more motivated to write there. It's really a great morale booster. I love Squidoo. If you're like me who don't have an Adsense account, or got it disabled for some reason, consider writing on Squidoo. If you work hard enough, the site would surely reward you.

To see a complete list of my Squidoo Lenses, check this profile. You may also sign up through this referral link if you decided to join the community.
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