Monday, November 10, 2014

Infobarrel Overview - A New Chapter of My Online Writing Career

I'm just new to Infobarrel, and so my journey there has just begun. After saying goodbye to Squidoo (it was bought by another website called Hubpages), I decided not to transfer my articles to Hubpages, as was suggested by Squidoo, but to go to a different writing platform instead.

Enters Infobarrel. I discovered the site through a fellow online writer (thank you WinterWolf!). Infobarrel sounds like a great choice for people like me who doesn't own a Google Adsense account (Why I don't have an Adsense).

So, I decided to join. I submitted a few articles. Within days, I saw a few traffic. To my surprise, I also saw a few pennies accumulating on my earnings report. Although it was only a few cents, but seeing the numbers increase little by little was motivating enough.

What I found unique in the site is the quality control of the articles. You cannot just submit an article without undergoing a manual review from the site's editorial staff. If they found some grammatical errors, or things that violate their rules, they will notify you and prompt you to edit the article in question. 

To me, quality control is extremely important as having too many rubbish articles can pull the site's ranking down. Also, being part of a quality writing site makes me feel being a member of an exclusive writing club. It may sound difficult for starters. I got denied a few times myself but after some more tries, I started to get the hang of the site.

Monthly contests are another special feature of Infobarrel. Every month, topics are listed and you can submit your new articles under those topics. Points are awarded according to number of words. Those who get the highest points at the end of the month will receive 25-100 USD, which will be added to the earnings report. If you don't win, you still get the chance to have your articles featured.

You get paid by Infobarrel directly, with the exception of Amazon earnings which will be accumulated through your own affiliate account. As I've mentioned, you do not need an Adsense to earn, as you earn there through the site's Ad system. The payout threshold is fifty US Dollars.

If you are interested, here's the sign-up link:

If you are already a writer of Infobarrel, I'll be glad to hear about your experience.
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